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Vocational Services

Healthy Lives provides clients with physical, mental, developmental and sensory challenges an inclusive program for assisting in facing the everyday challenges in the work field. Our vocational services aim to employ our clients’ best skills and interests in finding a suitable job for their capabilities. Healthy lives help our clients in job preparation, planning, and performance enhancement. 

Healthy lives provide a series of assessments to a better understanding of our clients’ job matches. These assessments include our client’s likes and dislikes in the work field, also what they are mainly looking for in a job; these assessments aid in evaluating our client’s aptitudes, their work behaviors, and the quality of work they can offer. This evaluation delivers a scheme for the future job match. 

Healthy work also ensures skill development for our clients to meet future job opportunities. The skill development process includes: 

  • Establishing work skills.
  • Enhancement of work efficiency.
  • Building a job routine.
  • Increasing work pressure endurance.
  • Creating a comfortable work adaptation. 

Our vocational services also assist in an in-depth search for the best match job qualities with our clients. Healthy Lives helps clients to develop job-hunting skills. The vocational services include:

  • How to look for a suitable job?
  • How to create/ update a resume?
  • How to apply for a job?
  • How to handle an interview?
  • How to negotiate wages, work hours, and job accommodations?  

Healthy Lives offers training for a post-employment process. This training aims for better handling of job responsibilities. Our post-employment program maintains: 

  • Understanding job responsibilities.
  • Finding reasonable solutions for job problems.
  • Enhancing work performance. 
  • Seeking job advancement.

Healthy Lives also offers on-site job coaching. This on-site coaching helps our clients and their work colleagues to create a more friendly work atmosphere. Healthy Lives ensures an ergonomics assessment and disability awareness of its employees.