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Healthy Lives

Services We Offer

Healthy Lives manages a number of programs designed to address several areas of need wthin the community. We administer the full gambit of services necessary to establish a foundation for success. We are linked with various organizations to ensure effective care for all clients.

Our Services Include:

Mental Health Therapy

Healthy Lives provides therapeutic services to children, adolescents, and adults. Healthy Lives has licensed professionals provide group and individual sessions to assist people living with mental health disorders Our professionals are uniquely skilled to help find a therapeutic formula to address your needs.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Healthy Lives offers Substance Abuse treatment programs that are prepared by our professionals to help you safely overcome substance abuse, establish recovery, and improve quality of life.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)

Healthy Lives serves offers an overall Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program to adults and children that helps in the improvement of their mental well-being and emotional empowerment for a culminating self-direction in life.

Medication Management

Healthy Lives offers Medication Management services that include the evaluation of medications in conjunction with our clients individual conditions to improve quality of life.

Vocational Services

Healthy Lives provides a comprehensive vocational services program for securing employment in the work field. Healthy Lives works with youth and adults to ensure satisfactory employment with competitive wages.


Our professionals use Suboxone to treat the withdrawal symptoms that are concurrent with opioids addiction.


Healthy Lives understands the challenges that individuals with disabilities may face when attempting to navigate life around them and contribute to their communities.

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