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Medication Management

Medication Management includes evaluation and management of outpatient medications for mental health conditions such as depression, ADHD, anxiety, Bipolar disorder, and others.

Every client has a different personal response to certain medications. This response is affected by different inputs such as the patient’s age, weight, gender, other concurrent conditions, and the combination of other prescribed medications. So achieving optimal medication management relies on the individualization of the therapy and evaluating the response of every patient. And perform modifications as needed.

Our team of professional will help you to manage your medications problems by asking you the following questions.

Are the medications affordable?
If you skip doses of your medication or taking fewer doses because the medication is not available or too expensive, we can help you by providing generic medications or medications that have the same active ingredients but are less expensive.

Do you have secured access to your medications?
After establishing the medication management program for you, we will help you to make sure that the medications are available and refilled at the proper time.

Do you think your medication regimen is too overwhelming?
We will conduct a medication analysis and give a full review of each drug to find a way to simplify your medication regimen.

Do you experience undesirable side effects?
If you experience undesirable side effects, we will help you get a professional consultation to help you overcome side effects by identifying the cause and do the proper modifications.