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"To aid those in times of need while improving quality of life. Healthy Lives, LLC., was established in 2013 by Ahmein Watson LCSW-C, LCADC. Healthy Lives was established to create an environment where people can find a safe, professional opportunity to address and manage behavior health issues. Behavioral health problems are more common than many other health problems today, affecting one in five Americans and their families each year. Healthy Lives has a team of licensed and certified professionals dedicated to assisting people living with mental health disorders and work towards finding a therapeutic formula to address their needs.

"To be a change agent in Baltimore City." The murder rate in Baltimore City is astronomical. Homeless rate in Baltimore City is saddening. The rate of deaths from overdose is soaring. Healthy Lives strives to be an organization that effects change in the lives of others. By rebuilding foundations and establishing acceptables paths of problem solving Healthy Lives hopes to reduce the violence, homelessness, and overdose in our community.Healthy Lives provides transition services to develop the skills necessary to positively transition into recovery, avoid risky behavior, and achieve greater self-sufficiency. Services are provided by mental health professionals and our staff is dedicated to helping you achieve success. The program offers opportunities for people to openly discuss questions about drugs and alcohol, repairing relationships and more. Healthy Lives will help clients obtain all eligible benefits while assisting with job readiness, money management, and nutrition.

Healthy Lives is invested in the community we serve with our array of services. Being so we often step outside of the office and into the community with Healthy Lives events. Our events include during the Summer hosting a neighborhood cookout complete with moonbounce for the children and during the holiday handing out turkeys for the families in the Baltimore area. We understand that giving back is just as important to the health of our community.

What our clients say

Most programs just send a letter to court. My counselor showed up. That was a BIG help Its nice to be able to keep it real and still get help. Structure is exactly what I needed.
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